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Befresh: Ideas laboratory

befresh studio ideas laboratory

Research and Development

We spend our tasks, principally, researching new technologies and its implementation in your projects. We love new tools, development methods, original apps and ultimately everything that makes us grow as professionals.

Everyone to think!

project study in befresh studio

Your project study

First we do a thorough study about needs of your project. We add our own ideas and we contemplate the technical viability. We propose the best technology, programming language or development technique to achieve an optimal result, with agile and quick execution. We finish to developing a global schema that we show you before execution stage starts.

We are creative designers

creative design in befresh studio

Design and sketch ideas

The design department is responsible to capture graphically the ideas proposals before. In this moment, the project turns to visual concept, we discuss the why and how. At this point, is important a constant communication with the customer, putting ideas in common and, finally, complete the section «project design».

We are experts developers

project development in befresh studio

Encoding your project

Right now, start the programming phase. We develop all the necessary code and implemented in the design. At the end, we maintain a period in which the project is in 'beta stage', in which we continue testing the proper functioning. Only one thing remains: Enjoy a well done job!