Hi! Welcome to Befresh Studio

First of all, thanks for your visit. We hope you like the website that we have developed.

We want to show you a small portion of our work and the path we have taken over our careers.

In Befresh Studio we love challenges, so, we will pay all our attention to any idea, project or proposal you want to share with us.

We like to say «nothing is impossible», everything have a way to do it. We will propose you the best one.

The effort, perseverance and enthusiasm to see a successful product realized are the foundations of our research.

How and why born Befresh Studio

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It was the year 2012, a rainy morning... No, it's a joke, now seriously.

Befresh come from the idea to do something different. A place where the highest priority is the FINAL PRODUCT. A HIGH QUALITY final product, with which we feel identified, and with which you as a customer could achieve the objective purposed.

We know the difficulty to start a project like this, in the moment when there are lots of studios, development companies, cousins, friends and acquaintances who know how to create a website. If you are here and contact us, it is because you want your project be a success, different, and unique.

A bit of history

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Befresh set up in April 2013, but it has long history. Since 2006 to nowadays, we have developed lots of projects, we have collaborated with different companies and entities, and every day, every year we have learnt and grown as professionals.

We know in Malaga, Valencia, Castellón, Seville, Cadiz, Murcia, Madrid, United Kingdom, Germany and Thailand. Very soon we will expand throughout the national territory, and we would like to keep growing thanks to you.

Where does Befresh come?

befresh, translated from english «be fresh».

Fresh, according to the dictionary:
It's new and just happened, be made or obtained.

Befresh's philosophy is based on the novelty, quality and continuos «improvement status». You have to renew obsolete things, modernize outdated ones and mend broken ones. From here we want the product you take is as cool as possible.

Making mention to Miguel de Unamuno and his famous phrase: "Progress consists in renew", progress together and make a new way of looking at life with Befresh.

Already know us: ¡Befresh!