We do all types of work in CD and DVD disc duplication. In addition to usb drive customization. Following we show some of the most used formats in duplication:

sample of duplication with clear plastic cover

Plastic sleeve with flap

This is the format of presentation cheaper and easier.

sample of duplication with jewel box and slim box

Jewel Box / Slim Box

Standard format for presentation of CDs.

sample of duplication in digipack and digisleeve

DigiPack / DigiSleeve

Original and good looks format for musical productions.

sample of duplication with cardboard case

Cardboard case

Format of presentation economic and customizable.

sample of duplication with confort pack in 14mm and 7mm

Confort Pack 14mm or 7mm

Conventional DVD case.

sample of USB customization

Customized USB

Customized USB drive is the best option to be released.